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Planets in Astrology


Astrology related traditionsAstrology Related Sri Lankan Traditions

Given the harsh conditions of life in the region, nobody wants the additional burden of a bad luck.. 

Giving a Name to the Child A step by step Guide to Mothers and Fathers. 


Selecting Auspicious Times for:
utting the first hair of Child
Giving first solid food to the Child
Reading the first letters to a Child
uilding a New House
tart of a New Business

Agriculture Related Sri Lankan astrological Traditions


Astrology DreamsLearn about your Dreams
Meanings of Dreams in Astrology





Horoscope Predictions Horoscope


View the daily, weekly and yearly Astrology Horoscopes for each birth sign.. 



Ask a Question Free Gift of Dhamma 

A 1600 pages of beautifully illustrated  Buddhist Story Book  of "Dhammapada" (Worth 85US$ in hard cover) in PDF format. 

This rare gift contains the best Buddhist art work as well as stories you will ever see. Click here to Download your  free copy Even a non Buddhist person can enjoy those stories and learn how people lived in ancient India 2500 years ago

Astrology Porondam Matching Horoscopes Matching of two Horoscopes in line with Astrology


Marriage is the biggest gamble a person will ever do in his or her life. Therefore it is always advisable to find out through every possible means whether the couple are compatible with each other...


What is Horoscope Matching in Astrology ?


Ancient Astrological Porondam Test for Matching two horoscopes 



Astrology Porondam Matching HoroscopesKuja Dosha or Mangalik Dosh or the Victimization in Marriage 

What is Kuja Dosha or Mangalik Dosh in Astrology ?Astrology new

Marriage rings





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This site is one of the very first Hindu Astrology websites appeared in the Net and the site is now more than 14 years old. To See how this web site looked 14 years ago. Go to Wayback Machine

Visitors today  


Astrology Free reading Get your Free Astrology Reading Right now !


No email addresses, registrations, names or memberships necessary.


Know the date and time of birth ?. Got a couple of minutes to spare ?.


Just try out these free horoscope readings and find whether the said things are reasonably correct or not ..




Astrology Free readingAstrological Oracle
Instant Divine Guidance - Answer to your Question immediately !


Hi.. you are from  .... arn't you ?. I know that you have a question to ask from this Oracle...... It is Free....Astrology new Click here to ask your  Question..


Astrology Info Handahana
Unique in this site
Book of Life

There are hundreds of really fine  Astrology web sites and thousands of good Astrologers. If you know of a one, then please try to use his/her services as much as possible. 

The only thing an another good astrologer or an Astrology web site will not be able to provide you and available exclusively from me is the  unique Full Life Horoscope Reading described below. You will not get it from any where else.


Astrology and skyview

Who said No auspicious days After April ?  Auspicious Days for Weddings until 2040 Astrology new (Updated)

Ask a QuestionDaily Panchanga

Panchanga indicates the quality of the day or in other words, For what what kind of auspicious activities today is good for ? Rahukala indicates what periods during that day is not good for Auspicious activities


Auspicious Days up to  2040











Astrology Free readingHoroscope - Year 2019 Predictions

Horoscope predictions for  year 2019 according to Hindu Vedic Astrology Birth Sign  Lagna

Aries Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Taurus Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Gemini Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Cancer Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Leo Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Virgo Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Libra Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Scorpio Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions 2019
Capricorn Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Aquarius Horoscope Predictions 2019,
Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2019



Here are other useful tools

Rahu Kala


Auspicious Days
up to  2040



Astrology Free readingThe universe.

Universe is a Holographic projection to your mind and mind act as the processor. .. As long as you do not realize this is a holographic projection or a "Maya" or an "illusion " and decode it as real you believe it is real. As long as you perceive it as real and act on that notion you create Karmas which keeps you trapped  and bound in this holographic reality  ..  (P.S. Just see how realistic the new Japanese 7G holographic technology. )

To this particular process  Buddhist and Hindus call the Wheel of Samsara..  read more


Astrology vasanaPreaching's of an ordinary man (Web Master)

Advice for spirituality

How to get rid of the attachment (Karma) and get liberated?

Day and night the monks preach, but very few seems to listen. Those who listen are getting better and better with every passing day. Yet, day by day majority are getting vicious and vicious.

Hence, I will try to explain to the non Buddhists, in very brief, and very simple what is this liberation or enlightenment is about ? Which 2500 years ago the Lord Buddha had spent his life explaining to others... >>>>> 

Ask an AstrologerFree eBook
An another free gift to visitors 

The travels of Chinese monk Fa-hsien  in India and Ceylon (A.D. 399-414) in search of the Buddhist books of discipline

Translated from the Chinese text BY JAMES LEGGE  Oxford, June 1886


How to consult me

It is easy - - - Please click here to contact me.

To say modestly, I have more than 20 years of experience in Hindu Vedic astrology. This web site itself which I made entirely by myself is now more than 10 years in the web.

Life is a journey. Horoscope is the map. So why do not you read the map ?. It is always better to know what lies ahead and what will happen to, your health, wealth and relationships in the coming years. If you are not a believer, then give it a try just for the fun of it at least. Then you can judge for yourself. I assure you that, with my help, you can discover your Destiny.

Lookin to astrology

Your Astrological Book of life 
English Horoscope Reading
Sinhalese Horoscope Reading

Astrology Free readingNews 

Daily NewsSL      Neth FM  SL
Lankapage   Lanka Acade US 
Defencelk SL    E Gossip SL
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      Pahana AU
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Kadapatha      AU Ada SL

Rivira LK   Thummansala AU
Gossiplanka  LK SLEvents AU
 Ceylon today InfoSlNews LK
Unexplained Mysteries UK
 PressTV IR Russia Today RU
LankaCNews LK Kadapatha AU
Mettha Buddhist Mag LK
Budusarana LK



What is Astrology

Horoscope predictions for new year 2006

What is Astrology?

Is it Scientific ? 

Researching the Destiny of your Life....



Astrology Free readingHoroscope -
 Year 2018 Predictions


With Previous predictions for the past 10 years


vedic astrology What is Astrology?
Is it Scientific ? 


vedic astrologyElusive Leaf - Nadi Astrology

Astrology, researching the Destiny of your Life....


Astrology Subadavas Astrologically Auspicious Times


In Astrology, there are good days and bad days, good times and bad times find out those..

Auspicious Days & Times according to Astrology





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