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Need for proper research (current status of the subject Astrology )

A friend of mine and a colleague at Vet. Research Institute, spent a number of years researching for his PhD. The theme of the research was about the reproductive organs of a certain tiny nematode. Which lives in the bovine intestinal track. That particular species has little economic significance in regard to it's effect on animal production so up to now nobody had bothered to take any notice of that worm.  I used tease him about it telling that he should have selected even more tinier and more remote subject for his research. And used to wonder that in 50 years to future, what will be left for vet's to research in to for their PhD's  when they even finish researching in to the tiniest organ of the tiny worm.

It is unfortunate that such a valuable subject like astrology was not able to gain the attention of any  university  or  a funding agency  which will agree to support a solid 5 -10 year astrological research project at least, Ok - say,  to disprove it once and for all scientifically and statistically.  

Suppose, if proved that there is a correlation between some planetary movements and happenings of certain events in peoples life. Then think what new area of knowledge will be opened. (* Note : 5/2/2003 - Recently  I happened to surf in to a very interesting Ph.D thesis work a Doctoral Dissertation in Psychology. Presented to the University for Humanistic Studies, Del Mar, California.  Called " Astrologically Predictable Patterns In Work Related Injuries
: In an effort to predict the occurrence of work-related accidents and to provide further perspectives to accident prevention, astrological patterns in work injuries were examined. Statistical results indicate that there are distinct periods of time when individuals are more accident prone. These periods involve hard aspects from the transiting Sun to the Sun's position at birth. The study included 1023 injured people who filed a Workers' Compensation claim and were disabled for at least three months. It was hypothesized that people tend to suffer accidental injuries significantly more frequently around the time of their birthday, three months before or after, or six months after their birthday. The research hypothesis was supported with a high degree of statistical significance. It provides support for some of the basic concepts of both Western Astrology and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). The results also suggest possible programs that might aid in determining the timing of accidents and thus assist in their prevention, thereby contributing to the field of industrial psychology. This study also provides a hope that the fields of astrology and psychology can be bridged as both attempt to understand human nature and to predict human behavior.)

If the money which goes in to the production of one distractive weapon like a  modern tank, a big bomb or one fighter plane can be invested in such research ?   

"He who does not allow his miracles to be investigated is a crook,
he who does not have the courage to investigate a miracle is gullible,
and he who is prepared to believe without verification is a fool".

Dr Abraham T. Kovoor 

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Sir Arthur C. Clarke

P.S. (21/11/2003)

The Buddha once gave the following advice to a tribe of people known as Kaalaamas, who were in doubt as to what to believe and what not to. It  became  known as The Kaalaama Soothra and is as refreshingly clear and practical even now as it was so long ago.

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard  it. Do not believe in traditions just because they have been handed down from many generations. Do not believe in anything just because it is spoken and rumoured by many. Do not believe in anything just because it is found written in scripture books. Do not believe in what you have imagined, thinking that it is extraordinary, it must have been inspired by a supreme being or other wonderful beings. Do not believe in anything, merely on authority of your teachers elders and priests. But after thorough investigation and analysis, when you find that everything agrees with reason, and it is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

The same test ,  said the Buddha must be applied to his own teaching too. "Do not accept even my doctrine from reverence, but first try it as gold is tried by fire".

Lakshman Abeykoon M. Sc. (Moscow University) Grad. Cert.(Melbourne University) Graduate Diploma (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)



After I wrote the above,  I received a number of emails specially, from people living in  UK and USA. Below is such a letter which I received today and beneath is my answer. I placed  it in this page believing that it may be of use to some others and that, I will not be asked the same question again and again. But our topic had changed direction from Astrology to the theory of Karma which is the corner stone of both Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.


My name is (Name Removed) and I have just discovered your site. I found it most informative and interesting and it piqued my curiosity. First off, is it the same as Vedic astrology, as I am a novice Hindu who worships Ganesh and Shiva. At the moment it is really hit and miss as I have no Guru and am living in the West of Ireland where they are not very plentiful! I am intending to spend several months in India in the Autumn of this year as a spiritual journey. The big question I have really is, I am 62, have had a triple bypass and recently discovered a myriad of other things wrong with my health, is it too late for me to have an astrological reading done? What good would it do for me at this late stage? I had such a good feeling from your site I trust you to give me the right answer.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

XXXXXXX (Name Ommitted)

PS I was adopted and don't know my exact time of birth. For what it is worth my birth date was October 2nd 1939 and it was in the East coast of America, Philadelphia to be exact.


Dear XXXX,

Thanks for your letter. You have asked a lot of questions and will answer them one by one.

Yes, this is the same genuine Vedic Astrology, which originated in South East Asia and it is one of the Ancient Vedic Sciences.

XXX, if you are not in good health, I think it is not a wise decision to go to India at this period. It is hard and harsh unless, you find a good genuine teacher and a good ashram. Otherwise, it is not worth. But believe me  a good teacher and a good place are very hard things to find. Which I know from my personal experiences and about 90% are imposters and are not true "Gurus". The best option for you is, finding a good place in UK or USA try www.hindu.org for a ashram of true seekers. In this age, physically you do not have to be in India or any other place to search for spiritual development.

The other best option for you is to read books such as "Bagavath Geetha" and look for answer your self. But what you should read depends on what you are searching for. Therefore first of all you should have a clear idea about what are you searching ?. 

Mainly, people look for the answer for their existence in this world. Whether it is a one time journey or a journey with many parts or many existences?. What ever it is, one thing is certain. That is, your actions in turn brings reactions. It is the theory behind "Karma". Since you are the creator of your own actions, then your are the decision maker about your spiritual journey through birth, death and rebirth. Nobody else can decide any thing for you. 

This is the core of both Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and if you bother to read some Buddhist books you will find out that Lord Buddha had explained it in a more rational and acceptable way. Though it was originated in India about 2500 years ago,  it is still a profound theory and I doubt whether you will be able to grasp it. But if you wish to study Buddhism there are good links in http://jyotisha.00it.com/favorits.htm page

In short, that both Buddhists and Hindus believe that, people are born again to this world because they wanted to be born again. Once they were born here, they have to under go a lot of hardships, pain and suffering as it is the natural condition in this existence. Why they want to be born again ? Because they think they have unfinished business here and therefore they have created hard bonded attachments in their mind which in turn causes "Karmas" (actions and reactions) to be generated. For an example, If you create an attachment to your body, then you will come back to get a body. It was your wish and it is the effect of the cause of the attachment to your body.

What creates hard bonded attachments in the mind ? The wrong conceptions create such attachments. What are the wrong conceptions ? It is the belief that things or persons are yours. Why that belief is wrong ? because there is nothing in this world, you can truly say that, it belongs to you. Not even your own body. If it is truly yours you could have stopped aging or being sick.

Since, it is not truly yours you can not stop aging nor being sick. No need to say about other things. The true nature of every thing that exists in this world and the universe is that, it does not belong to any thing or any body and is subject to constant change. This constant change can be described as the Dynamic Evolution or the Shiva - creator destroyer as explained in Hinduism and this is the same as  what you call the nature of impermanence in Buddhism as there is nothing permanent in this universe (So the consciousness of Shiva means, the consciousness about the impermanence, or the consciousness about the true nature of things or the "Anithya" as explained in Buddhism).

The delusion or the wrong concept is the belief that things are permanent or stays the same and thus creating hard set attachments for those, which compels you to return with a body to possess it. (It does not mean that you have to throw away your business, car, house or family, it only means that you should not create hard set attachment for those implying that, they are yours and only yours. But by understanding that they do not belong to you. For an example understanding that, their love for you is subject to change with time or the ownership of properties or the condition of those are subject to constant change etc. You will cease creating attachments. ) So if you do not create attachments by knowing and deeply convincing your self about he true nature of the things, then you will have no reason to return. That is what you call "Moksha " in Hinduism, "Nirvana" in Buddhism and "Kingdom of Heaven" in other religions.

I suggest that you should read the book "Life after Life " by Dr. Raymond Moody a Penguin book about the research in to NDE (Near Death Experiences) of some of his patients and the book called "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" by Evans Wendz.

Since, you do not know your time of birth, Unfortunately I can not give you a reading. I can make a brief reading in connection to the particular positions of planets prevailing on your date of birth but it will be very short and devoid of important details. It is like taking a photo with out focusing the lens. To focus the reading you need the time more accurate more better.

Since you said that you have no "Guru" and it is a hit and miss, I sincerely hope that I have given you the right answers to set you in proper direction and wish, that you may find the correct path for your spiritual journey.

Lakshman Abeykoon


More questions and More Answers

What is the primary karmic reason (s) for my current reincarnation ? Please tell me. (A question from a  person from Malaysia)

Dear  XXX  though I will be able answer some of the  questions you have forwarded to me, I am not sure whether I am in a position to answer your  above mentioned question,  by only looking at your horoscope. And I am sure that, no human being currently living in this earth will be able to answer it.

 Such a question can only be answered correctly by a great being of a vast knowledge similar to the caliber of Lord  Buddha as nobody else can accurately define and pin point the exact Karmic causes leading to a birth of a person. Others for an example for people like us it is just a hit and miss guess work.

Who is being born:

According to the Buddhist Philosophy, there are basically 3 classes of people born in to this world. They are classified as " Tre Hetuka Prathisandika, Dwi Hetuka Prathisandika" and Eka Hetuka Prathisandika" (Ex.Like 3 star, Two star and One star) 3 Hetukas are the great beings they were already enlightened and come here or appear knowingly for the sole purpose of the benefit of others. Like Lord Buddha. Lord Krishna , Jesus Christ ect. A simplified example is that, they are like the Deans in Uni. faculty. Already having Ph.D's and nothing else to learn but to spread their great knowledge.

Dwi Heatukas are the people who come also knowingly (Means that they know where they are going to be born and can select where they want to be born and the purpose of their life) They are the people who have already progressed half way in the path towards enlightenment and not yet fully understood the reality. There purpose here is while working towards their own salvation, teach and help others on the same. (Like lecturers in a Uni. While they are doing their own Ph.D. Project, they teach a class of students).

The other group is "Eka Hethuka" they have very limited choice. Their birth is governed by past karma (Like students according to their VCE merits or marks they were sent to different faculties) And their purpose is working towards their own salvation by understanding the reality. Some may pass some may fail and if failed then have to come again after some time.

The purpose of birth:

Definitely the first category, "TreHethuka"  is out of question for people like us. So It needs to be either the second or the third group. If you sit down for a moment to look back and reflect honestly to yourself that, how you have spent your current life:

Like, what you have learned about life, have you changed your attitudes , are those changes to the better side or worse, have you become more patient, more understanding , more kinder than before when you were in your youth or have you turned yourself in to a more impatient, irritable, possessive, jealous old creature. Have you noticed that, the life is short, fragile, delicate and impermanent. Have you noticed and registered in your mind at least a faint idea, that yours and others physical bodies are subject to disease, ageing ect. and similar to a putrid piece of meat which constantly needs to be fed clothed and washed. In spite of all that, it emanate bad odors and waste products, therefore is not a thing to be desired or be proud of. What purpose, (even it is very minute like helping your own child to be a good person) your life had served on the grater picture of things. 

Once you answer these questions, without looking at stars for guidance, you will definitely come in to the correct conclusion about the Purpose of your life here. And also you will get a correct assessment about whether you were successful in achieving the purpose or whether you have strayed from the path leading towards the purpose.

It is not essential that you have to be materially rich with hefty bank accounts, large houses, acres of land, 9-5 job, degrees or titles to lead a purposeful life during the very short period of the life span of a person. You need only the correct vision. But how many of us have the correct vision is a question. When you are immersed in the delusion and rat race to be materially better than the next door neighbor with a quest for processing better house, a better car ect. Who has the time to think about after life ?. 

When compared to the age of the universe or the age of the earth, or to take for an example, the age of a piece of a rock before you, the lifetime of a human being is amusingly minute and insignificant. In no time you will find that your jet black hair has started graying in places, your skin tone is loosing the healthy look it used to have and you are more closer to the grave than you were before and realize that you will not be able take any of the above said material processions to the other side with you. You were born empty handed and will go back empty handed. Will take only the good or bad karma's which were the results of your actions.

Predicting the previous and next births -The classical method in Vedic Astrology.

In regard to pre natal abode or the previous life:

Chapter 44 Sloka 42 of "Brihat Pararshara Hora Sastra" written by Maha Rishi Parashara the founder of VedicAstrology states the following:

O excellent of brahmins, the stronger of the two luminaries, Surya and Chander, occupying a dreshkan of Guru denotes the descent from the world of godes. If the stronger of the luminaries , Surya and Chander, Occupies the Dreshkan of Shuker or Chander the descent is from the world of Manes. If the stronger of the luminaries , Surya and Chander, is in the Dreshkan of Surya or Mangal , the descent from the world of Yama. If the stronger of the luminaries , Surya and Chander, is in the Dreshkan of Buddh or Shani the descent from the world of Hell.

Chapter 44 Sloka 43 -45 - Ascent After death or the Next Life:

If following Grahas are in 6,7 8, 12 houses the native will attain one of the different worlds after death, Guru : Heaven, Moon or Venus : Human world, Mars or Sun : Earth, Mercury or Saturn :Hell, In case said bhavas are not occupied the native will go to the world indicated by the stronger of the Dreshkan lords related to the 8 or 12 th Bhava. The natives graha's exhaltion ect. Will denote the high, medium and low status the native.

Therefore according to above rules, predicting the privious and next births are no big deals. The given method is so simple, un ambiguous and straight forward, you can easily design a computer program to predict it. The problem is not about the prediction but the verification of the prediction: Suppose you interpreted the chart according to the above said guide lines, then how do you test it ? No body has returned from dead to testify the correctness of the method or no body remembers where they have lived previously, and you are left with no choice, but to accept blindly the astrologers interpretation.

Predicting the previous and next births -The method shown by Lord Buddha.

Lord Buddha the son of King Suddhodana who lived in India 2500 years ago had given a very agreeable and more rational explanation about how to determine the next birth of a person.

"One day a group of monks approached the Buddha and wanted to know where, a person known to them was born after his recent death. Buddha showed them a nearby tree and told, Monks, suppose you go and cut that tree down, where do you think that tree falls. Monks answered O, Lord Buddha there is no doubt that the tree will fall in the direction it is inclined or leaned now. 

Then the Buddha answered as same as that, a person's next birth is determined by the way he spends his current life. If he lives the life in a way a god is living in earth with kindness love ect. Then he will return to gods realm after his death. If he lived like a man then he will be born like a man, if he lived like an animal then will be born like an animal. That was Lord Buddha Answer."

During early 80's as a fresh agriculture graduate from the university I joined the Department of Animal Production and Health (DAP&H) in Sri Lanka as a Tropical Pasture Specialist. With me a number of new graduates joined the DAP&H. One of them, (I do not reveal the name as he is still working at DAP&H) was sent as a Farm Manager of a Goat Breeding Farm. 

About one year passed and one day, I happened to meet him in a conference at the Head Office, to my surprise and astonishment, that his face had started to look like a goat's face not only me but many others had noticed the change. Even to this day, I can not find a rational answer to that except, coming to a conclusion that, he may have spent a whole year fully engrossed working and thinking about goats, and seeing goats every day, the features of his face had started to reflect his mind. 

If he had died at that particular period of time, can you think of the realm he will be born ? what life form he will occupy and his place of birth ?.

It also illustrates the great dis-service people do to themselves by over the limit association with domestic and farm animals. Being kind to animals and helping them is one thing. Being kind and helpful is a godly attribute and developing that character is a way of getting close to the realm of gods. You should not confuse that aspect with totally immersing of yourself with the affairs of animals. Like treating an animal as your kith and kin or a child. By doing that you will gradually develop an affinity and liking to animal realm thus will be running a very high risk of being born as an animal, because your mind is set on direction towards the world of animals.






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