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Nadi  Reading Questionnaire to fill Before a Nadi Reading

Continued from page : astrology origin.. elusive Leaf

To locate your elusive Nadi Astrology leaf, following are some of the questions you must be  prepared  to answer, 


NAME GIVEN AT BIRTH (in full ). NAME AT PRESENT (if changed from marriage). *BIRTH PLACE (Country/State/City/Hemisphere) * Country *State *City *DATE OF BIRTH (year-month-day). * yyyy / mm / dd TIME OF BIRTH. Were you born as twins? * Are you handicapped? * Were you adopted? * If so, give details of biological parents names if you know them. 

*Mother's name (Asked in the way first letter , middle letter, how the last letter sounds like  etc..) *Is your mother still alive? *If your mother has died, date of death (year-month-day) * yyyy / mm / dd If your mother is alive, give her age, health problems, occupation, business. * Age * Health problems * Occupation *Business How many times was your mother married? *From which husband were you born? *Does your mother live with you? * 

Father's name (Asked in the way first letter , middle letter etc..). *Is your father still alive. *  your father has died, date of death (year-month-day). * yyyy / mm / dd If your father is alive, give his age, health problems, occupation, business. * Age Health Problems *Occupation *Business How many times was your father married? * From which marriage were you born? 

*Number of brothers and sisters. List them in order of birth and state their gender and names. *Have any of your brothers or sisters died? If so, give the year of death/s (year-month-day). *Give details of marriage status of brothers/sisters. *Are you living with siblings? * Your relationship with siblings. * Good Bad Do your siblings help you? If so, in what way? *Are you a student * Yes No Did you have a break between your studies? If so, give details. 

*Do you intend to further your education studies? If so, in which area of education? *Where did you study? * Birth place Abroad  or Both ? Are you married * Yes NoWas your marriage * Love Arranged Intercast Interracial Date of marriage/s (year-month-day) * yyyy / mm / dd Name of wife/husband (in full) *Age of husband/wife. *Is your wife/husband still alive? * Are you still married, divorced, widowed? * Married Divorced Widowed If unmarried do you intend, or want to be married * Have you had a loving relationship/s? * How long did it/they last? *If you are in a relationship now, do you intend to marry this man/lady? *What is the relationship with your life-partner? 

* Good Bad Is there a relationship with any other lady/man apart from husband/wife? * If so, for how long? *How many times have you been married? *Number of husband/wife still alive? *If divorced, do you want to marry again? * Do you have children? * If so, give birth dates, names and gender. *Have your children left school? If so, give details of education attained. *Was there a break in their education? If so, give details. *Do your children have interest in furthering their education? If so, give details. 

*Are your children working? * Give details of business/occupation/position of your children. *Give details of children unemployed. *Are any of your children married? If so, give details and date of marriage/s. *Do any of your children still live with you? Give details of which children/age/gender/name. *Do any of your children live overseas? If so, Give details *Is there any separation from children? If so, give details. *Any health problems with husband/wife? If so, give details. 

*Have you had any surgery? Was the surgery related to any disease, If so, give details? *Do you have any debts or loans due? If so, give details *Are you involved in any litigation? If so, give details. *Do you have vehicles? Give details. *Do you own any property, residential/investment * Is the property fully owned or mortgaged with any bank, if so, give details *Are you currently employed 

* Give details of employment. *Give details of husband/wife employment. *Have you ever been self employed? * Number of business ventures, if any. *With partners or without partners? * Partners No Partners Give details of business. *Nature of commodities / products / machinery you deal with. 

* Do you have foreign contacts in your business?. * Are you interested in new business? If so, what kind of business? *Have you traveled overseas? How many times? If so, give details. *Do you want or intend to do further travel overseas? *

  Give three specific questions that you are interested in knowing from this nadi reading?




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