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Readers please note that the below predictions are given according to North Indian tradition of Hindu Vedic Astrological methods, using your Lagna as the base.  

So don’t get confused with your sun sign of Western Astrology. Hindu Astrology and Western astrology are two different systems, it is like Western Medicine and Ayurvedic or herbal Medicine and each one has own methods.

If you wish to know the difference between Eastern and Western Astrology , you are invited to visit the following page of my web site. http://jyotisha.00it.com/Difference.htm) Unlike in western astrology where all the people born in whole world within a month, is  classified as belongs to the same sign, in  Hindu astrology we say that people belong to all the signs can be born at a given spot with in 24 hours roughly 2 hours per sign and the below given predictions are given according to your Lagna.

If you do not know what is your Lagna , then you can calculate it by visiting the following page of  my website http://jyotisha.00it.com/bhava.htm


Note: Predictions for February will be bit lately published than usual as I am on holidays at that time


Astrological predictions for the month of January 2016


Aries – Mesha


You may have problems either with your business or marriage partner and the health of your spouse may make you anxious. Romantic liaisons if any could take a bad turn and you may become a victim of slander and disrepute. You may be emotionally disturbed and may not be in good health. Journeys in connection with profession may not bear fruit excepting in the direction of east. For securing new deals the period is not favourable. You should try to avoid quarrels and confrontations by being diplomatic.


Taurus – Vrushabha


Although you may derive benefits from Govt. authorities and gain popularity, the position is not good for your own health; you may suffer from headache and eye-complaints. The health of your spouse also may deteriorate. By exercising your will- force and putting forward your endeavors you may be able to overcome your problems. You may have new acquisitions which will make your life more comfortable. You will form new business relationships and make new deals. Journeys to distant places and contacts/ collaborations with foreigners will be fruitful.

Gemini – Mithuna


You may have to face problems as your secret enemies will be actively working against you for tarnishing your image. You should remain on the alert and leave no scope for this otherwise you may have a setback at the close of the period. During the period however you will enjoy good material prosperity and you may have some journeys in connection with your profession or leasure. The relationship with your family- members may come under strain.  Your health might be somewhat affected and expenses may considerably increase which could keep you tense. Doing remedies such as Navagraha Shanthi Poojas are good.


Cancer – Kataka


You will have success in all your endeavours and may have gains from various sources. You may have good gains from a new venture and also from prudent investments. Some of your ambitions will be realised and you may secure a lucrative promotion that offers liberal perquisites as well. In academic persuits also you would gain distinction. You will be fortunate in respect of romantic liaisons. Your family-life will be joyful and happy; some of your children could be a source of pride. You may have journeys in connection with your profession which will be fruitful.

Leo – Simha


You will enjoy good health and so will do the other members of the family. Your family-life will be blissful and bright with happiness. Your earnings will receive a boost and you will have new acquisitions which will improve your living condition and increase your satisfaction. Your relationships with relatives and friends will improve. In professional sphere, things will be in your favour during this period. You will secure favours from persons of rank and authority, besides enjoying many other benefits. Opportunities will come your way and you will make timely use of them in a prudent way. Socially you will gain more popularity and prestige.

Virgo – Kanya


You will have  joyful home-life as your children will make you happy by their successes in academic pursuits and extra-curricular activities. You yourself can receive some acclaim and become distinguished by securing a lucrative promotion or some recognition in academic pursuits . Your earnings will increase considerably but you should avoid speculations for preventing possibility of losses; although you can opt for starting a new venture. You will become very popular in society in general and more so among the circle of your friends.


Libra – Tula


This is a favorable position. Your popularity will be high and you will form new relationships. The relationships with your co-borns and neighbors will become very cordial. You may have pleasant short-trips and excursions. Your interest in art and music will increase and you may acquire an object of art or a music system. Your family- life will be joyful and happy. In professional sphere the goings-on will be smooth and progressing. You may receive favors from a person of an  authoritative or influential position . Your earnings will increase as you may have gains from newer avenues as well.


Scorpio – Vruschika 

You will be happy and cheerful. You will have many opportunities and will receive favours from superiors. Your career- prospect and your financial position will also be considerably improved. You will have a pleasant and enjoyable time in company of the people of opposite sex. You will socialize more and form new friendships with joyous people. Your family-life will be happy and enjoyable. You will be in good health and so will be the other members of your family. Your relationship with the people in general will improve and your popularity will increase. The period is now ripe for investing endeavours that will lead to betterment in career.

Sagittarius – Dhanu 


Your earnings will improve and you will have gains from various sources. You may be benefited by receiving a windfall quite unexpectedly. You will form new friendships and will become very popular in your friends’ circle. Some of your ambitions may be realised and you may have new acquisitions that will add to your comfort. You will lead a prosperous and happy family-life; there could be a celebration in the family. The performance of your educational activities, will instil a sense of pride and joy in your mind. You may spend a lot for having some renovations done to your house-building. Your mother may suffer from some minor ailments.

Capricorn – Makara


This position will make you a busy person. You will have some of your writings published  or have correspondences with many people. A number of short journeys you may also have. You will spend a good part of your time in informal studies and also enjoy sports activities., a little bit of a restless period, with increased amount of traveling, fatigue and change of places, and high expenses, there could be some smaller health complications too such as intermittent head or eye pains or excessive acidity and stomach disorders; beware of false allegations as some people jealous of you could make false allegations, if parents are living this is bit problematic month for the father too. Towards the end month the situation will gradually improve.

Aquarius – Kumbha


Except for health- matters, the position is all right. You must take proper care of your health; the health may cause you some concern. Your spouse may become a spendthrift and some of your enemies may remain in your circle in disguise as friends. All these may make you worried and you must remain alert and retain your cool. In other respects it is very good. You may have some improvements in your career; your responsibility will increase and so will be your earnings. You will also have gains from some other sources. You are to avoid speculations.

Pisces - Meena


You will enjoy good health and so will do the other members of the family. Your family- life will be blissful and bright with happiness. Your earnings will receive a boost and you will have new acquisitions which will improve your living condition and increase your satisfaction. Your relationships with relatives and friends will improve. In professional sphere, things will be in your favor during this period. You will secure favors from persons of rank and authority, besides enjoying many other benefits. Opportunities will come your way and you will make timely use of them in a prudent way. Socially you will gain more popularity and prestige.




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This is my personal web site. I maintain this site because,  both Hindu Astrology and web design are  my hobbies for many years and wish to share my interest with you. Like myself, have you ever looked at your life in a different angle ?. Why good or bad things happen to us ?. Is it pure coincidence, or is there at least a certain bit of a predictable pattern ?.

Spend a few minutes with me here and experiment with the free readings to find it out yourself. I assure you this is genuine Astrology of East.

This site is one of the very first Hindu Astrology websites appeared in the Net and now more that 10 years old. To See how this web site looked ten years ago. Go to Wayback Machine

With Regards,
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I am living in Melbourne phone +613 9548 1613
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To say modestly, I have more than 20 years of experience in Hindu Vedic astrology. This web site itself which I made entirely by myself is now more than 10 years in the web.

Life is a journey. Horoscope is the map. So why do not you read the map ?. It is always better to know what lies ahead and what will happen to, your health, wealth and relationships in the coming years. If you are not a believer, then give it a try just for the fun of it at least. Then you can judge for yourself. I assure you that, with my help, you can discover your Destiny.

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