Yearly Horoscope Predictions : 2017



This prediction reflects the general trend expected for all virgo born people.

This year will be a  good and bad mixed year for them . 

Instead, if you only feel the things similar to the below noted undesirable effects, that means there are some melfic influences of planets specific to your horoscope, obstructing beneficial outcomes.  In that case you should better check your horoscope with a help of a trusted astrologer known to your family or friends and find out what remedies needed to be done to rectify  the problem.

If you do not know what is your birth Sign (Lagna) according to Vedic Astrology. Then please visit here to calculate it yourself. http://jyotisha.00it.com/bhava.htm

Income and properties   

During this period you will go on a long distance travel and incur high expenses or will change the place of residence. A change to the usual place of work is also a possibility. During this period you should be careful not develop frictions between your superiors or teachers or colleges as small issues can flair up to big things during this time hindering your progress or promotion on the line.


Domestic Environment

Jupiterís transit the 1st house can create the fear of unfavorable circumstances, people jealous of you can create trouble, in most cases the trouble makers are un grateful ones  whom you have helped before. High expenses and useless spending can make things stressful. Domestic problems are also an area of concern to you, as you may hear some unkind words form your own family too. Loss of intelligence in dealings with friends and relatives or associates and increase of enemies, may have to look for legal help. Usual routine of the home may disrupt for a period or will change. 


Health wise this is a good period for you but should be careful about stress related complications such as loosing of weight and weakness in the body , it is also likely that you may learn a bad news regarding a close associate or a friend of yours, which will bring sadness to you.

Lucky Dates

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Lucky Color


Lucky Number


Lucky Gem




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